The mHealth Summit is the premier domestic and international conference and expo for the exchange of research, ideas, innovations and opportunities in mobile and connected health. The largest and most diverse event of its kind, the mHealth Summit convenes thought-leaders from across the healthcare value chain to explore new collaborations, business opportunities and initiatives; and to discuss the newest research, ideas, case studies, programs, people, products, regulations, policies, and dynamics shaping healthcare delivery and consumer adoption in mobile and connected health. The mHealth Summit is a showcase for what’s new: from market-moving mobile, wireless and digital technologies, to eHealth and telehealth implementations demonstrating flexibility and scalability; to the latest regulations, trends, evidence and standards shaping mobile and connected health.



The 2014 Summit will put a spotlight on mobile and connected health activity in the past 12 months. Our primary focus is on EVIDENCE-ORIENTED RESEARCH AND CASE STUDIES. We are also interested in TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, EMERGING BUSINESS MODELS and INNOVATIVE PROGRAMS/INITIATIVES. University submissions will be considered in all categories. We also welcome submissions to the mHealth Summit from developed economies outside the United States, in any relevant category. Submitters working in low and middle income economies should submit their abstracts to the new Global mHealth Forum.

In order to maintain programming excellence and address the increasing number of submissions received by the mHealth Summit Programming Committee, submission guidelines for this year’s event have been tightened. Please note that each abstract may only be submitted for one category. All speakers whose abstracts are selected will present as part of a panel.

We are interested in submissions that address key questions in mobile and connected health and welcome many different perspectives, such as:

  • Consumer Engagement and Empowerment in the areas of wellness, fitness, disease management, healthcare access and aging in place;
  • Providers, Employers, Payers looking for new approaches to population health, improved connectivity in the workplace and with patients, as well as better resource management solutions;
  • Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies exploring innovative approaches that accelerate drug development, data sharing and improve medication adherence and consumer engagement
  • CIOs, CTOs, Chief Innovation Officers and Medical Directors integrating consumer and big data into clinical systems, workflow and analytics;
  • Emergency services and public health officials leveraging connectivity for improved disaster planning, a coordinated response, and a safer world;
  • NGOs, Foundations and Governments creatively deploying or supporting personal health technologies. This year’s mHealth Summit general program will include the new Global mHealth Forum, a stand-alone event for mhealth program managers working in low and middle income economies and taking place December 10-11, 2014; the mHealth Summit will include more international programming than ever, and will focus on mhealth in developed economies.
  • Developers and Technology entrepreneurs transforming the consumer and patient healthcare access and delivery paradigm via cutting edge technology, platforms, applications, games, etc.;
  • Investors, VCs and Angels, Incubators and Accelerators pioneering new business opportunities and investment approaches in mHealth

Global mHealth Forum

Submission Guidelines

NEW! For the first time, the Global mHealth Forum will meet at the mHealth Summit. This two-day event presented in partnership with the mHealth Working Group and USAID will take place December 10-11, 2014. The Global mHealth Forum will focus on programming for mHealth implementers working in low and middle income countries (LMICs). The objectives of the forum are to:

  1. Enhance the capacity of governments, donors, civil society, NGOs, and social entrepreneurs to design, implement (including scale up), and evaluate mHealth initiatives in LMICs.
  2. Provide a space for global health stakeholders and mHealth professionals working in LMICs to network with each other as well as with health ministries, NGOs, technical experts and mHealth solution providers.
  3. Share the state of the art in mHealth in LMICs, and explore emerging trends.

Specifically, the Global mHealth Forum will provide in-depth reviews of mHealth project implementation and lessons learned; facilitate creative and collaborative problem-solving and capacity building through interactive workshops; and serve as a networking platform for mHealth implementers working in LMICs.

Submissions in the global mHealth category should focus on the role of eHealth and mHealth in contributing to improved health outcomes in LMICs. Evidence-based submissions in this category will be given priority. Submissions from governments, donors and implementers are encouraged. Abstracts could include case studies, new projects, or big ideas that leverage eHealth or mHealth to address widespread health problems and disparities in LMICs and/or have potential to influence change on a global basis. For example, abstracts might address:

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The 2014 mHealth Summit will emphasize and give priority to research from all areas of mobile and connected health. We will accept abstracts to be included as part of a panel discussion, or for an oral presentation. All submissions should include a background, purpose, methods, results, and conclusion. Submissions are invited from the academic, public and private sectors and should highlight controlled studies or well-designed pilots of mobile or connected health solutions in any of the submission categories.

mHealth Information Management and Deployment: Managing the Clinical Back-End

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We invite perspectives from CIOs, CMIOs, CTOs, Chief Innovation Officers and Medical Directors. Abstracts in this category will discuss strategies and approaches to integrating mobile and connected health into the IS/IT enterprise within government, private payers, hospitals or healthcare systems, including approaches to segregating/integrating mHealth data with EHRs; device management and strategies to address interoperability, privacy and security in mHealth programs; provider organization criteria for selecting devices and systems and tackling workflow issues within the clinical organization. Examples include:

  • Initiatives presenting IS/IT strategies, outcomes or lessons learned deploying mHealth in a clinical setting
  • Answering the questions keeping CIOs up at night: How will my organization succeed in adapting to mobile and connected health? What technologies should I adopt? How does the IT/IS department create a seamless experience for providers and patients and overcome device integration issues, such as time-stamping, which can have a critical impact on patient care?
  • Presentations of interoperable solutions launched in the past 12 months within a government, payer, hospital or healthcare system and focusing on communications technologies and standards deployed, intended use, degree of flexibility in device usage, time and cost to deploy and major partnerships that made the solution possible
  • Reviews of significant changes in interoperability, privacy or security standards relevant to clinical enterprises planning to implement mobile or connected health

Mobile Operators & Partners

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Submissions in this category will focus on how mobile operators from around the world are partnering with entrepreneurs, developers, innovators, corporations, governments and organizations to develop, support and implement mHealth programs. Mobile operators are also invited to discuss their near- and mid-term priorities for mHealth. Examples include:

  • What are mobile operators looking for in relationship to mHealth, connected health and telehealth? What do they see as their role? What are they willing to fund, invest in, venture or license?
  • Presentations that detail implementations, best practices and lessons learned in mobile and connected health programs partnered with mobile operators: (submissions from either partner invited)
  • Perspectives on partnering from mobile operators:
    • Near- and mid-term priorities in mobile and connected health
    • Characteristics of the ideal mHealth partner
    • Cautionary tales from the world of partnered programs
  • What’s next in mobile: new technologies, mobile standards and regulations from standards development organizations (SDOs), governments and industry groups

Consumer Perspectives

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NGOs, patient advocacy groups, channels, payers, pharmacies, patient advocates providers, and market research analysts are invited to submit market research data, individual or program case studies and other evidence showing how specific patient populations, including veterans and underserved populations, are using, demanding or responding to mHealth, connected health or telehealth. We are seeking submissions that cover: chronic disease management, rare diseases or cancer; aging in place; providing care for a parent or child; improving mental health; or the role of mHealth and the quantified self, including views or discussion of where the market is succeeding or falling short. Examples include:

  • Programs or data that show how providers, payers or others are achieving patient/consumer engagement
  • Market research released in the past 12 months that identifies which consumers are adopting personal connected health and the tools they’re using, and who is likely to adopt; how quantified-selfers are shaping the market; or new trends in the consumer mHealth market
  • Views from advocates on gaps in the market, underserved populations and presentations on their advocacy platforms, campaigns or approaches to driving change in mobile and connected health, including case studies that show creative workarounds; live demonstrations will be accepted
  • Perspectives on progress in home-based health solutions, including specific technologies, projects, or services
  • New mHealth products, technologies, applications, games or services targeting consumers that have launched within the past 12 months

Policy & Regulation

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Abstracts in this category will present expert reviews and analysis of:

  • New policies or regulations impacting mobile and personal connected health
  • How regulatory agencies are working in new and unique ways with innovators, entrepreneurs and others (Example: FDA Medical Innovations Working Group, White House Health Fellows, etc.)
  • Comparisons between different regional or national regulatory or policy approaches and best practices

mHealth and the Provider

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Please submit evidence-based findings, research and case studies by or for healthcare providers in the areas of mobile or connected health for chronic disease management or preventive health, implemented in a clinical setting, or market research exploring provider or consumer views or usage of mobile and connected health. We invite submissions that address key areas of challenge for providers, such as getting started, achieving and sustaining health behavior change and engagement, communicating with patients, monitoring and tracking, recommending the right apps and devices to patients, and integrating mobile and connected health solutions into the workflow. All submissions should address the provider role or perspective. Examples:

  • Provider deployments of mobile health devices and apps, games or trackers to help patients manage chronic disease, improve wellness or to engage the underserved (e.g., depression)
  • Payer and pharmacy mobile or connected initiatives to improve adherence or patient engagement
  • Research results demonstrating achievement of engagement or behavior change in patients using mHealth, digital health, connected health or telehealth, or demonstrating successful adoption within the clinical environment (i.e., integration into workflow)
  • Tools or strategies to help providers choose mobile and connected health tools for their patients
  • What’s next: new products appropriate for clinical use and launched in the past 12 months

Life Science Horizons

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Pharma, biotech and CROs: please submit pilots, research or expert opinions concerning efficiency, data accuracy, convenience, cost or adherence related to using mobile or connected health in patient recruitment and clinical trials, post-marketing or consumer engagement and loyalty programs. Examples include:

  • Pilots that explore mobile or connected health tools for use in drug development or post-marketing trials
  • Research or expert opinions addressing issues in mobile health or remote monitoring in clinical trial design or patient-centered clinical trials, such as real-time data collection, analytics, reporting of adverse events
  • Presentations addressing consumer expectations in a mobile world, including considerations for implementing connected health as a value-added program, product differentiation, customer loyalty, community building or improved adherence
  • What’s here and coming for greater patient and caregiver engagement, adherence, patient-reported outcomes: integrated multi-channel marketing solutions; the role of apps, social media, RFID and other types of products and tools

Public Health & Safety

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Public health and emergency management officials are invited to submit results from pilots, programs in operation, or fundamental research concerning the deployment of mobile and connected health tools or interoperable solutions for public health prevention, safety monitoring, large-scale interventions or emergency management, which address issues such as:

  • Coordination of services (police, fire, EMT, transportation, etc.)
  • Achieving failsafe communications
  • Public health monitoring and reporting
  • Epidemiological research issues


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Attention emerging companies (seed to mid-stage), investors, market intelligence executives, universities and economic development councils from around the world! Acceptable submissions in this category will include reviews of investment models and strategies; presentations of major regional or national mHealth economic development incentives; university-level studies, programs and technology transfer programs feeding the mobile and connected health markets; market research from leading markets around the world; and company presentations from startups launched in the past 12 months. Sessions in this category will promote networking within and across markets. Individual submissions are acceptable, but presenters are also encouraged to submit full panels of key investors, economic development officials, market analysts, university representatives and the hottest start-ups representing a nation or region of the world. Examples:

  • Reviews of investment models for supporting mobile and connected health (i.e., accelerators, incubators, corporate and venture capital, angel investment, crowdfunding, private equity, joint partnerships, IPOs)
  • What’s hot and what’s not, growth segments and barriers to investment, including in a particular nation or region
  • Impact of healthcare reform and regulatory landscape on mHealth investment in the US
  • Market research and well-defined experiences showing differences in approaches to investment among the regions of the world
  • The route from crowdfunding and/or seed/angel investment to partnerships, pilot programs and gaining consumer traction in healthcare; the state of second round and follow-on funding
  • Hack-a-thons, innovation challenges, grant initiatives, seed/angel projects supporting developers, entrepreneurs, academic and corporate intrapreneurs
  • Presentations of university involvement in developing tomorrow’s mHealth leaders, outlicensing technologies, or supporting community-based programs that foster start-ups
  • Regional/national economic development incentives to support mobile and connected companies
  • What’s next: new (past 12 months) startups from across the globe—their products, technologies, financings and investors

International mHealth in Developed Economies

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We welcome submissions in this category from program designers and managers, researchers, analysts, providers, NGOs, collaborators, technology providers and donors working in mHealth in developed economies outside the United States, particularly in resource-challenged environments. Submissions in this category should provide a broad perspective on the challenges and opportunities related to designing, implementing, evaluating and achieving positive mHealth outcomes. Preference will be given to evidence-based research and case studies, and/or which provide regulatory or cultural context. Examples of potential topics include:

  • In-depth reviews of program design, implementation and/or measurement
  • New collaborative models or partnerships
  • Program results, especially those demonstrating consumer engagement, improved outcomes or cost benefits
  • Scaling up from pilot to fully implemented programs – methods of evaluating scalability and rolling out to extended populations
  • Innovative applications of technology to address an underserved population
  • Provider-driven programs and approaches to gaining provider buy-in
  • Market research illustrating cultural norms and attitudes of consumers or providers regarding mHealth

“Outside the Box” Presentations

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The Outside the Box category is for compelling topics that do not fit any of the categories above and present information newly available in the past 12 months, OR “firsts” in research, mobile and connected health programs, products or services launched since May 1, 2014. “Firsts” represent the “first and only.” Examples in this category include:

  • Research or program data released in the past 12 months that does not fit any of the other submission categories, which reflects a new trend among consumers or specific consumer population, providers, hospitals, investors or governments in mobile or connected health; or addressing overarching challenges to mHealth success
  • Implementations of mobile or connected health in a novel setting or addressing an as-yet-unserved population which does not fit any of the other submission categories, or for which information became available in May 2014 or later
  • The first implementation of a standard or technology in a commercially available mHealth app or product, launched in May 2014 or later
  • A cloud service, wearable, sensor, tracker, platform, app or game, launched since May 1, that targets a particular audience; or a product or service launched since May 1 that offers a category-defining capability
  • Presents information, newly available since May 1, that answers the question, “Where's the Innovation in mHealth?”

We would be pleased to review outstanding submissions in this category. Accepted “Outside the Box” abstracts will be recognized as a “New, New Thing” presentation in the 2014 mHealth Summit program. We reserve the right to consider any abstracts submitted in this category for inclusion elsewhere on the agenda.


Chianti Seitz